About Us

Thank you for your interest in our Gold Standard Grading Service! We strive to validate the trust you place in us through our competent, independent, high-performance and objective assessments carried out to the highest standards.

Our motto - From collectors for collectors

We all started out small and were happy with our first trading card. The appearance and motif of the trading card were the most important factors. Nobody asked about the value of the card as a child. We want to work according to this motto today. Gold Standard Grading always treats the cards sent to us with the utmost care and to the highest standards. The value of the card plays no role in the grading process itself. Regardless of whether a card is traded for €1 or €1,000, we guarantee you an independent, neutral, professional and individual evaluation.
That is why we offer our service in the best quality and yet at fair prices.

Competence meets passion at Gold Standard Grading

We look back on more than two decades of experience with trading and signature cards. Accordingly, it is our passion to treat your favorite products with the utmost care and to evaluate them at the highest level using specially developed methods. Gold Standard Grading has the great advantage of not only detecting obvious defects, but also those that are not visible to the "naked eye" or a magnifying glass. This is made possible by a specially developed light microscope designed exclusively for our purposes, which makes even the smallest unevenness on surfaces visible.