A service for companies and collectors
50,00€ per hour and employee
0.35€ travel fee per km

What is GSG® - Authentication?

With our authentication service we confirm the authenticity of various memorabilia and autographs.
These can include, for example, shirts, jerseys, helmets, bracelets, autograph cards, trading cards and much more worn and/or signed by professionals or celebrities. Books, magazines and other items that have been inscribed and/or signed by writers, authors, authors, etc. can also be authenticated.
There are few limits to this service.

What are the requirements?

We at GSG® only authenticate items that have been proven to have been worn, used and/or signed by the person(s) in question.
For this purpose, it is imperative that a representative of GSG® is present at the time of signature or handover by the person concerned.

Why should I use this service?

Professionally authenticated items are much more valuable than non-authenticated collector's items. This is immediately noticeable in the increase in value of the items. For this reason, it makes sense to have the authenticity confirmed.

How is authentication done?

We at GSG® only authenticate items that have been signed in the presence of one of our employees or representatives and/or handed over to us directly by the person concerned.

Why is this service so interesting?

We offer the opportunity for companies, groups of people or private individuals to book us for an event. This could be, for example, autograph sessions with musicians, professional athletes, authors and much more.
We authenticate directly on site. All items can then be viewed online.

How is authenticity guaranteed?

After the items have been authenticated, they receive a GSG® certificate. This is attached to the item in question and cannot be removed without damaging it. Each certificate has an individual serial number, which can be viewed at any time, including all data, on our homepage.

Our certificate can be used on any surface. Any attempt to remove it will destroy the certificate and invalidate the item. Further use of the certificates is therefore not possible.

If a trading/TCG card is signed in our presence, it is possible to authenticate it via the GSG® seal or to submit it directly for grading.
The autograph will also be authenticated and evaluated free of charge.

What does the GSG® seal consist of?

The seal is rectangular and features our GSG® coat of arms and GSG® logo. The word "Authenticated" appears in the upper third. "" appears in black on a gold background in the lower part. The serial/test number is on the right side. The entire seal is holographic.

Why is there an additional smaller round seal?

The small round seal only contains the GSG logo and the serial/test number. The round seal serves as a cross-reference for the rectangular certificate and is attached to the items. The owner receives an additional "Certificate of Authenticity" with the rectangular certificate. The serial/test number is identical as a cross-reference on both seals.


What will this cost me?

We charge a travel fee of €0.35 per kilometer from 67365 to the event location.

In addition, an hourly flat rate of €50.00 per hour/employee will be charged for the duration of our employee's presence.

This price includes ALL items to be certified as well as presentation in our online database.

Where can I check my items?

All authenticated items can be found in our Population Report.
You can open it directly HERE .

How can I book this service?

Please contact us by email at, WhatsApp support or use our contact form.

We will create an individual offer.

Please provide the following information:

Company and/or name
Location of the event
Duration of the event
Name of the artist(s) whose products are to be authenticated

Approximate number of products to be certified