Gold Standard Grading Service

Independent and neutral assessment of the condition of all types of trading cards

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Grading - your trust is what drives us

Extra service for cards in landscape format

Our promise of quality

The assumption

After your shipment has been delivered, it will be checked for external damage.

Any defects are recorded in the presence of the transport person so that you as the sender can assert your claims against the service provider accordingly.

We then carry out a visual inspection of the content to compare your shipment with your order. Your items will remain in their original packaging until our grading process begins.

Die Grading-Cases

We produce our grading cases in Germany. The design is protected and may only be used by us.

They are of the highest quality, scratch-resistant, stable and UV-resistant and offer the best possible protection for your cards. The GSG lettering was incorporated as a special safety feature. This makes it impossible to falsify the cases.

Our cases are closed with ultrasound so that they can only be opened by destroying them.

The grading

We take your collector's item with lint-free cloth gloves and place it on a color-coordinated, soft grading pad.

This pad gives way when the card is turned over. This allows us to rotate the collector's item without having to pick it up again or touch it.

In this way, we avoid abrasion and damage, which are important in the evaluation grade.

Our grading process

The beginning

We check the cards for any visible damage. Among other things, missing or shifted margins, misprints, creases and scratches are easily visible. The centering is then checked with specially developed devices.

The lighting

The object is then examined for possible residues, stains, foreign colors and contamination using light-assisted high-resolution magnifying glasses and a specially adapted digital microscope.


In the last step, our special tool is used, a forensic testing device that is perfectly adapted to our needs. This enables us to recognize the smallest hairline cracks, scratches and abrasions as well as the complete documentation of all defects.

Customer satisfaction

We are very satisfied with the service. The cases make a high-quality impression and the reviews also do the cards justice. Yes, it took a long time. But when so many people have their cards graded there, of course it takes a correspondingly long time. But this also shows how popular this grading service is.


For me the only company in Germany that I would like to entrust my cards to. The cases are not comparable to other providers and also cannot be opened without residues being seen. It is rated strictly, but personally I prefer to have a strong and honest assessment that is understandable. The waiting time is absolutely fine for the current situation. I can recommend it to everybody.