Our labels are standardized and coordinated

Sportscards or non-sportscards? It doesn't matter...we have adapted our labels to ensure a high level of recognition. All relevant data is available on the labels. Some cards may have additional information such as game worn material, holo, etc. We try to avoid abbreviations for relevant data on our labels as much as possible.

There are two versions of our labels. Firstly, the standard label, which is used for all condition assessments up to a rating of 9.5.

The other is the "Gold Standard Certificate of 10". This certificate is absolutely unique and is only awarded by us if a card is free of any defects or errors.

All of our labels are individually made. This high-quality and complex process, which is carried out using a laser, is carried out with the utmost care. The black lettering on a gold background and the gold lettering on a black background reflect the colors of our company in a special way.