All about grading

What can I submit to GS Grading?

Gold Standard Grading grades all the trading cards you want, whether sports cards such as baseball, basketball, football, ice hockey, soccer or non-sports cards such as Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, Dragonball, Disney Frozen, Fortnite, and many more. Our team consists of specialists in all areas.


  • All sports trading cards from 1970 to today (currently up to a thickness of 2mm)

  • Autograph, jersey and patch cards including evaluation of the autographs

  • All TCG from the beginning to today

  • All trading cards from the beginning to today

  • Custom Art cards (no grading takes place here, just sealing in our case with the label "Custom")

  • Misprint, miscut and off-center cards (the addition MP, MC, OC,... appears under the grading note)

  • Stickers

  • All languages ​​as long as the cards are original

Not possible:

  • Counterfeits

  • Proxy

  • booster

  • Display

  • Maxi cards

  • Autograph cards in postcard size

  • Video games